We answer hundreds of questions daily about personal finances, credit, debts and our organization. We made it easier for our customers to browse the most common questions that are asked are answered below. If you have any question that is not answered here, or you need a bit more information the contact us at 1888-864-3131 or send a query through our query form.

What causes financial problems?
Most common reasons that people experience difficulty in personal finances are:
• Unemployment
• Using credit for living expenses.
• No money or budget in hand
• Lack of education
• High living and housing costs.
• Education Loans
• Illness or injury.
What are the signs that warns a person that he may need help with their debt?
• Difficulty paying bills on time.
• Spending more than the income they earn.
• No budget or spending plan.
• Affecting health worrying about your debts.
• Hiding debts from your partner or family.
• Being declined by financial institutions.
• Impulsive spending due to financial worries.
• Receiving collections calls or past due notices.
• Feeling hopeless that you can’t get out of this problem.
What is debt settlement?
It is a process of negotiating with the creditors on the reduction of outstanding creditors claim for a debt. The amount settlement varies depending on the personal situation of each customer. If the situation is worsened, then they may get up to 40-50% reduction on their debt.
What options a person has to deal with their debt?
There are many services for debt settlement it depends which service best fits for the person. Every person has a unique situation we offer them with best service that would help them in getting out of this problem. Most people think about the dead end, but we help them in putting them in right track by giving them a realistic plan to get back in their life. Here are some options you can consider:
• Debt Consolidation
• Bankruptcy
• A consumer Proposal
• Debt settlement
• Debt or Money Management.
What is the maximum amount do you deal with?
We help you with any kind of personal loans whether it is $2500, $25000 or $250000. The amount doesn’t matter for us it’s just helping you that matters. We have solutions and plans to deal with all kinds of debt varying it be lower or higher amount.
Why would creditors reduce the amount, or do you pay my creditors?
They negotiate on the debt because they are getting benefit from this as they will be receiving sufficient amount from you instead of getting nothing and declaring you bankrupt. A penny is better than having nothing in pocket. We don’t pay to the creditors. We are the middle men negotiating on your behalf for the settlement of your debt. Once the negotiation is done, we get the deal in writing and provide you instruction on the payment to be made in future.
Does consulting you affects my credit score?
No, it doesn’t affect your credit score. Your information and our consulting session will be confidential and free of charge.
What is your interest rate?
We are not a loan or mortgage company; therefore, we don’t charge any interest from you. Any interest charges incurred by you are the result of mortgages or loans that will be charged by the lenders.
How do I get started?
For instant advice or plan, call us toll free at 1888-864-3131and speak to our credit counselling expert who are happy to help you and answer all of your questions. There is no obligation or risk in speaking to our counsellor and get advice on your financial problems.