Why Choose Us

Canada Consumer Credit Assistance (CCCA) is a firm that offers free consultation to all the clients in order to minimize the debt by any possible way. Our main objective is to provide personalized plans depending on specific needs of the clients. However, all the debt consolidation companies claim the same. So, what’s main difference in CCCA and other companies? Here are some points which make huge difference:

Evaluation Form: Our first point of communication with clients is evaluation form which can be considered as query form as well. We get all the information though this form. It helps us designing the plan well before actually communicating with the clients so that we can provide perfect solutions of their debt related problems and queries.

Personalized Approach: We believe that debts issues are not same for two different persons. One may be in trouble because of high interest rate and another because of job loss. We very well understand that and that’s only reason why we design personalized plans depending on clients’ financial situation.

Services: We offer large pool of services like Debt consolidation, Debt Settlement, Debt Management, Student Loan, Re-financing, Bankruptcy, and Consumers’ proposals. Hence, our clients don’t have to look out for multiple companies in order to sort out their financial needs. They get everything under one roof.

Free Consultation: No charges for our consultation services.

Simple and efficient plans: We believe in simplifying the debt more than anything else. We will arrange one small and convenient payment for you rather than you chasing a deadline for multiple bills and loan payments.

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