Consumer Proposals

You may be qualified for consumer proposal if your total debt is less than $250000 (not including any mortgage or loans), and you are not in a state to pay your debts without any collateral on time.

Consumer Proposal, if accepted by majority bearers of your unsecured debt, will

  • Compel all your unsecured creditors to accept the proposal
  • Lesson the amount of outstanding debt you owe to the amount you can afford.
  • Pay all your debts covered in proposal 2ithin 5 years.
  • Allows you to keep your property (as long as you are making mortgages payments)
  • Pauses all legal actions taken by the creditors
  • Gives you a chance to get back on track on your life.

Why creditors will accept proposal?

This is self-serving them by accepting the proposal they are getting money more than they could think of because if  you go into bankruptcy you won’t be able to pay them, a single penny.

Your agent or advisor will deal with the creditors on your behalf

  • A consumer proposal is legal agreement made between a person and its creditors. By law, only a licensed insolvency professional can submit and manage the proposal.
  • Your agents cost are included in the one monthly payment you will be giving to the agent for paying out to the creditors.


Bankruptcy should not be taken lightly and one should consult a licensed insolvency trustee.  Whether personal or corporate bankruptcy, the complex process of bankruptcy is started after considering the pros and cons of filling it and when a client needs it.

Personal Bankruptcy

Complex process made easier for you to file bankruptcy with confidence. No. of steps involved-

  • Consulting licensed insolvency trustee.
  • File Bankruptcy
  • You’re officially listed in bankruptcy.
  • Notify your creditors
  • Meeting with creditors and Supervisor of the bankruptcy office.
  • Debt and credit counselling session
  • Agents Report
  • Discharge hearing

Corporate Bankruptcy

Corporate bankruptcy leaves an impact not only on the economy but also the human capital. It can affect many people, including

  • Business owners, partners and their families.
  • Investors and their families.
  • Employees and their families
  • Suppliers and their families.

We work closely with our business clients to explore all their possible options. Once we’re satisfied that bankruptcy is the only viable solution we recommend them to file it. Important point to be noted is that in Ontario this bankruptcy could be avoided by contacting licensed insolvency trustee sooner.

If your business is facing in crippling debt and repayment issues and you are considering filing bankruptcy then we recommend you to contact us to book an appointment with our expertise to discuss your problem and explore all possible solutions.

Credit Counselling

Credit counselling is a general session conducted to understand your overall financial situation.

  • Too much credit card debt
  • Missing payments
  • Calls from collection agency
  • Bad credit score
  • Loan refusals

If you are facing any of the situations mentioned above, we will help you to get back and control your finances by reducing your unsecured debts and also giving you necessary tools to help you in stabilising your financial life.

Our counsellors provide you with objective assessment to know more about your current financial situation and make a personalised plan to get you back on track.

Credit Card Debt

One of the most common situations people are facing. In addition we help you to set up a meeting with credit counsellor who further helps you to do careful management and planning that puts you in the path elimination your unnecessary debts.

  • Stop Using or Applying Credit Cards.
  • Know the facts
  • Plan before attacking
  • Do it now
  • Live with your budget frame.

Debt Consolidation

Having trouble managing your debts such as credit cards and pay day loans, we are here to help you understand what debt consolidation is and what options are available based on your situation.

A debt consolidation loan is provided by a creditor or financial institution. It allows you use the funds to pay off your debts. The amount to be paid remains the same but the interest rate is lower than what you were paying earlier. You must need any kind of security like your home to show it to creditors and financial institutions to qualify for this type of loans.

Another simple option is to offer settlement is by filing consumer proposal.

Contact us today to see what debt consolidation and debt management solutions are available for you.

Consolidate your debts today.